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Vacation and the Future

Ignorantia Legis will be on vacation until the middle of May.  While I am taking a break, don't forget that you can follow the Supreme Court on  for everything Supreme Court or follow the Court as I laid out here . The next conference is on April 13; the next opinions could come down on April 16 or 17.   There may be a brief post or two if a major opinion comes down. Also, stay tuned for some changes to the Ignorantia Legis blog coming soon!  The goal will be more accessibility and more posts. As always, watch this space!  

Big Cases, No Decisions

Readers of this blog will surely have noticed that none of the "big" cases argued this term have been decided, and if you have taken a look at the argument calendar  there are two more major cases ( Wayfair  (sales tax on internet sales) and Trump v. Hawai'i (the "travel ban" case)) that have yet to be argued.  And the travel ban cases is the last on the list (April 25).  It is sure to be a very busy end of the term--April, May, and June. As Steve Vladek , professor of law at Texas put it, " Something very strange is going on behind the scenes at One First Street" (the actual address of the Supreme Court).  The questions, of course, are "What?" and "Why?'  The "what?' is not only the slow pace of decisions in cases that have already been argued but also the slow pace of grants for the next term (October 2018) and the lack of movement on big pending orders (for example, the North Carolina gerrymandering case).  The &