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Oral Argument: Carpenter v. United States: Audio, Transcript, Thoughts

On November 29 the Supreme Court held oral argument in Carpenter v. United States , a major Fourth Amendment and cell phone/digital data case and the subject of my October 18th post. Two days later, audio of the entire argument was posted on the Oyez site, along with all the arguments of the week.  Like me, you can hear the argument here .  Aside from the audio being first-rate, which even picks up the laughter (and yes, there is laughter) in the courtroom, as each justice asks a question, their picture lights up, as if you were facing the bench from the counsel table. In addition, there is a running transcript that lets you follow along, identifying the speakers.  And you can stop and rewind.  Having been present for Supreme Court arguments, it's the next best thing to being there.  I can't recommend it highly enough: there is nothing like hearing a live appellate argument, especially at that level.  Total time is 1:22:01.  If you want a transcript of the argument, you can